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Dog with Police Costume


-Inspired by Paw Patrol, character, Chase. You can even customise with your own costume, eg. Chinese Costume for Chinese New Year celebrations for the year of the dog!

Girl In Chinese New Year Costume


-Mascot in red traditional costume will definitely help in bringing in the festive mood. -The cutest girl mascot you could have for chinese new year event! -Mascot dressed in Cheongsam attire too 女孩穿着新年复古装来拜年啦 -为您的新年活动增添一点喜庆,带给人欢乐 -不用再犹豫了,新年怎能少了金童玉女!快和我们预定吧!

Boy In Chinese New Year Costume


-Boy in traditional costumes! -Let our mascot boy join you for your chinese new year event! -He could bring endless joy to everyone! 小男孩穿着新年复古装来拜年啦 -想为喜日的节庆增添色彩吗?这个温顺的小男孩能带给您的活动无限的欢乐与祝福! -让他陪伴你跨年吧



Mouse with white tummy


Fortune God